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Player character
Senior Enchanter, Battlemage of the Kirin Tor, Master of Ice
Blood Elf
Silvermoon City

Raleth showed magical talent early, much to his family's delight. He was shipped off to Dalaran to study with the finest minds in the magical arts. His years in Dalaran were largely uneventful, save from the usual apprentice disasters that all young mages seem to create. When the specter of the Scourge threatened his homeland, he began training as a battlemage, and marched with the armies to defend Quel'Thalas.

Safely behind the walls of the remains of Silvermoon, Raleth slipped deeper into the debauchery and magical addiction that held so many of its people in its clutches. For a time, he lost his focus and abandoned his studies. As the Prince's influence grew, so too did the allegiance of many of Silvermoon's families -- including Raleth's. No whispers of treason would deter his most loyal defenders, and Raleth abandoned his family name to avoid political repercussions in the city.

The decision to throw their lot in with the monstrous Horde was a turning point in the young mage's life. He left his city and his family behind to return to Dalaran -- now high above Northrend -- and resume his studies. There he was able to study ice magic, a subject relatively unknown to the magisters of Silvermoon, and he took to it readily.

He does not consider himself a member of the Horde, rather his allegiance is to the Kirin Tor, though he has fought on the Horde's behalf as a battlemage on a number of occasions.

Latahlali Ashclaw Wife and Apprentice